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Written by Renae Bruce-Miller, 5 Minute Read
I wanted to make a post today about Power and Control and the patterns of behaviors that most domestic partners exhibit.
Indeed Narcissistic Personality Abuse is Domestic Violence carried out in a distinctive pattern of behavior that is layered and compacted within the the manifestation of the disorder and power and control carried out by Domestic abusers.
I am answering a great deal of questions  in regards to this and thought that readers could benefit from understanding how power, control is developed and maintained in a domestic relationship.
The Power and Control wheel is an extremely important tool that I discussed in detail in The Narcissist Decipher, to provide a thorough understanding of what modern Power and Control looks like and perpetrated. 
Among other well researched behaviors, I specifically discussed sexual coercion and digital stalking, where intimate photos and propositions can be used to blackmail and manipulate a partner into staying. I also discuss stalking at length and some very resourceful information on how to protect yourself while still in a relationship with an abuser.​
I strongly believe that everyone should know and understand the Power and Control Wheel, however sadly most of us only encounter it after experiencing devastating abuse. ​

Please take the time to study the wheel because it will assist you tremendously in understanding the functionality and purpose behind specific behaviors of abusers. 


Unfortunately, when combined with Narcissistic Personality Disorder; victims experience heightened dimensions of Power, Control , Dominance and Manipulation.
It is therefore extremely important that you study this Wheel well and recognize the signs and patterns of abuse.
Please share this post, you never know who may need to see it.
You May Just Save A Life!



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