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Complicit CultureWritten by Renae Bruce-Miller 5 Minute Read

This weekend I watched a docu-short on the Washington Post Website concerning the “Institutional Failing of Hollywood“; how the culture of Hollywood had a secret complicity towards sexual misconduct.
Obviously the short film was put together in support of the #MeeToo Campaign and featured a variety of useful terms and eye opening information.
Though enlightening and taking nothing away from this documentary or the MeeToo Campaign, I wanted to explore a little deeper about what I am currently witnessing as a Caribbean-American woman living in the United States.
I wanted to have a better understanding on what America is trying to say now, that is so different and inconsistent with what she has said in the past and how she plans to make changes in the future.
You see to me, as an outsider to American culture, I will always see things differently.
My mind is a little more guarded, a little more sensitized to ideas and what they are trying to convey to my consciousness.
I am always on guard for the strategic manipulation of my views and how I am expected to react based upon the information provided to me.
This could be a part of my trauma, being the victim of a variety of abuses, but it could also just be my nature.
Still, I wanted to explore, the rash of sexual allegations that are erupting like mount Vesuvius spewing from the office of the President of the United States and down through every institution in between from Google to Hollywood.
To me, these allegations, these movements, these stories emerging now is only the timely manifestation of a culture that has been consistently complicit with not only rape and sexual misconduct but low morale and respect towards human dignity.
As I watched this documentary and follow#MeeToo movement on Twitter, I ask myself  these questions:
WHO are the millions of people who consumed and popularized the most sexist and disgusting, yet the most successful sitcom in American television history? See: “2 1/2 Men”
WHO are the millions of people who consumed and popularized the dating shenanigans of a young single man who had no interest in finding love or marriage but boasts of his exploits with friends? See: “How I met your Mother”
WHO are the Teachers, enforcing Zero Tolerance Policies, that single out little black boys for the School to Prison Pipeline?
WHO are the Human Resources Professionals that overlook blacks for jobs they are clearly qualified for, in favor of whites who are not?
WHO is making the decisions about what a Woman’s salary is, in comparison to her male counterpart?
WHO are the people who consistently look the other way at injustices in their face every single day and say nothing about it?
WHERE is Reddit,Google, Facebook and PayPal who allow the disgusting websites and blogs of Misogynistic Pick Up Artists and other woman hating philosophies?-This particular question I seek answers to in Chapter 1 of my book, The Narcissist Decipher, because the dispersion violence and rape as a dating strategy has to stop.
You may argue that none of these things have anything to do with the other, that rape and racism are two different things; to which I will respond: How you do anything, is how you do everything.
By lowering the threshold of your consciousness to accept lewd vulgarity as entertainment, you have made yourselves complicit and permissive to predatory ideals.
Because you have accepted certain behaviors in entertainment as normal, you are now in a position where you will be more likely to accept advances that you would rather reject.
By looking the other way and not owning your hand in the demise of minorities, blacks and women;  you have subconsciously lowered your own threshold for what is acceptable behavior and what is not.
I am not blaming victims of sexual misconduct, but there is no gentler way of putting it.
Though institutions have failed us and individuals have attacked us, the culture is the cancer, it is the disease, it is the problem.
American culture is permissive, complicit and accepting towards a specific type of behavior towards women and we therefore find ourselves victims of the same, because predators cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
Americans cannot have their cake and eat it too.
We cannot have television programs like 2 1/2 men that permeate ideals of disposable women, but also want a culture of respect for women.
We cannot have a Presidential candidate that brags about “Grabbing women by the Pussy” with 22  allegations of sexual misconduct against him, and still be voted  into the highest office in the world, yet no one in his party is brave enough to put forth his articles of impeachment for mismanaging the country.
Americans, each individual American must make his mind his own personal battlefield against injustice.
To succeed as a people, going forward Americans must be able to step outside of the norms of what the social atmosphere of permissive abuse and the complicit culture of collusion towards rape, racism and sexual carelessness to conquer stereotypes placed upon African-Americans and Women.
Americans must be able to deprogram their minds by first ascertaining for themselves, what they accept as the truth and what they are willing to live with in order to fit in or look cool or to be a “Team Player.”
As a woman, as a black woman, as a black woman immigrant in America, as a black woman immigrant in America.. who has suffered unspeakable indignities;
am going to make the assertion that, i

f America, as a culture, person by person, company by company, institution by institution cannot set boundaries for themselves of what is acceptable and what is not, then there is no point to #METOO, #BLM or any other movement that seeks to correct our crisis of low morale.

​-Drops Mic.
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