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You are nobody’s victim, plaything, toy or prisoner. You do not deserve to live a life of confusion and misery. You don’t have another day, minute or hour of your precious life to waste being kicked around, manipulated, bullied or coerced by psychological games.

You need a warfare pocketbook to guide you towards happiness, freedom and success in a Narcissistic and Abuse free life.

Victim’s Warfare, Narcissist Decipher is an eye opening must read for anyone who seeks to prevent falling into the trap of Malignant Narcissists, but also for healing, empowerment and encouragement for victims of intimate and familial Narcissistic Abuse, Domestic Violence and Children of Narcissistic Parents.

The author not only provides jaw dropping information outside the normal vacuum of media that deals with Malignant Narcissism, but also explores societal influences and uses popular figures, associations and leaders as examples of the N.P.D. pathology and it’s manifestation.

These explorations are vital to the reader and will bring a fresh understanding to issues such as skyrocketing rape, misogyny and the rash of sexual assault allegations currently gripping the United States.

To provide the reader with an intimate understanding of the source and roots of Malignant Narcissism, there are fascinating explorations of generational abuse, of which the reader will be able to pull pieces together in his or her own family.

The subject matter is laid out as a Prescriptive Narrative, meaning that you are not just getting abstracts about the nature of Malignant Narcissism, but also a first hand look at how the patterns of behavior manifests itself on a daily basis throughout the life of the Author.

You will find the following sections in the book useful and applicable to your situation:

What You Should Do:- These instructions are like ice cold water to your soul, refreshing and direct intrinsic calls to action.

Affirmations:-These sections reaffirm your thoughts and values to keep your mind healthy and hopeful.

Intuitive Keywords:-These section ask questions that extract a response from you based on your gut feeling about your relationship.

You will learn how to establish borders, boundaries and goals and tips to escaping abusive domestic situations.

In addition, you will find a plethora of questions that you may be able to use to discover patterns of Narcissistic behavior of your partner or parent.

You will also find common things most Narcissists say and what they really mean, to also guide your intuition towards recognizing when you are being lied to.

The book contains 50 chapters with over 200 citations from credible sources, that will assist the reader to grasp a full circle understanding of the pathology and how to heal from it.

In Addition, Topics Discussed Are as Follows:

Traits and Tendencies of Malignant Narcissists

Unmasking the Narcissist

Narcissistic Mothers

Donald Trump-Narcissist In Chief

Flying Monkeys

Golden Child


Narcissists and Post Partum Depression

Manufactured Narcissism



Religious Abuse and Narcissism

and much more.

By the end of reading this book, individuals will be able to spot a Malignant Narcissist a mile away, or in the bed laying next to them and will be armed to the teeth in the defense of their self-esteem, dignity and sanity.

310 Pages

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