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Foreword by Renae Bruce-Miller

Recognition and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

A negative relationship is as destructive as poison, it is by far the worst psychological situation anyone can find themselves in, outside of war.

It is the slow death of the faculties by emotional poisoning.

When our intimate relationships are toxic, we ingest it at bedtime, upon waking, we sleep with it, we eat with it, we talk to it and it talks back to us.

Even more confusing to the soul, is that these relationships provides a sense of comfort-which mingles itself in our deepest emotions and revisits us in torment as a sort of self- inflicted flagellation for prior evils we may have committed upon others and thus the acceptance of maltreatment becomes far more pernicious than it is egregious.

This is because even a wicked man knows how to give a good gift and an evil woman can make a delicious meal and they both know how to manipulate us with their respective talents because while they are giving, we are also receiving and thus we are guilty of codependency and demoralized into an existence of shame.

We will only leave when our desires to rescue ourselves for ourselves become greater than the meagerly benefits that are offered like scraps to a dog-be they material or emotional form that can come from these odious unions.

Book Information

  • ISBN: 978-1-5323-6989-6
  • Paperback: 451 pages
  • Digital eBook: 300 pages
  • Published: First Ed. Mar, 2018
  • Available in: English
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Publisher: Victim Warfare Publishing

“Thank You Renae, After 9 years, I  FINALLY have information, clarity and CONFIDENCE TO LEAVE THE NARCISSIST, everyone should read this book!”-J.Montgomery, Chicago

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I Would Not Write It If I Didn't Think It Could Change Lives

The Narcissist Decipher is the  perfect guide for recognizing, navigating and recovering from Malignant Narcissistic Abuse, but I am offering a money-back guarantee if you don’t like this book!

Every Victim of Dark Violence Needs This Book


Is there a masked monster consuming your life with lies, petty quarrels and contradictory, hurtful behavior?

It’s time for a rescue, intervention and motivation!

Don’t Let Narcissistic Jealousy, Manipulation, Lies, Triangulation and abuse control your life.


Our Blogs

Hi I am Renae!

I’m an Entrepreneur,  Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate and Life Coach-But Don’t let the titles fool you!

I spent my entire life swimming against the tide of Malignant Narcissism in my family that lead to me becoming involved with a Malignant Narcissist partner for 5 years.

While working on some of my most groundbreaking projects, I was being abused in one way or another, if not by my own mother-by someone else I intimately trusted.

I spent years suffering as a child, a teenager and an adult- but also researching and expanding on my understanding of Malignant Narcissism.

Though I cannot get those years back and I could have done without the pain and suffering, I decided to put my experience into words in the hopes that they help someone else.


The Author

Renae Bruce-Miller is an inspirational survivor who has chronicled one of the most valuable books on recognition and recovery of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.



If I can save at least one life from confusion, pain, jealousy and death, I know revisiting and conquering these demons are worth it.
I poured my heart and years of research into this work to give you a clear picture of how to be aware, conscious assertive in reclaim your life from intimate and Societal Narcissism.

I hope this work inspires you to  recover your life or avoid these life sucking demons  all together.

I got through it, I am sane, I am happy, I know how to love and I promise, you will be healed too.

Be Blessed!

Sample Chapter, The Narcissist Decipher

You are the single, most powerful advocate you have, fight for yourself and go to war if you have to but, never lose yourself to a Narcissist.

How To Live Narcissist Free Forever & Recover Your Life From Malignant Narcissists

Deeply researched and presented to enlighten, heal and empower those who have already been consumed by Malignant Narcissists;

This work is especially valuable to women who are dating and looking for love.The games have changed, the strategies of abusers have intensified, has your defensive skills evolved too? Learn the art of surviving victim hood and thriving in love and peace.

What Others Have To Say About The Narcissist Decipher

Why You NEED This Book

When in a relationship with a Malignant Narcissist, you are often alone. No one understands you, no one can relate to your pain and no one can tell you how to get out of it. This book is your friend, your understanding and your exit strategy.

  • Find Out What You are Up Against
    Discover Abusive Practices, Philosophies, Books and Movements That influence Narcissistic Abusers
  • Recognize Narcissistic Behavior
    Learn to recognize and sensitize yourself to Narcissistic Patterns of Behavior and How to stay out of their traps.
  • Intuitive Key Words
    Each Chapter has an intuitive key word to underscore the behavior to help sensitize the reader to what is happening around them.
  • What You Should Do
    Whether fight or flight, each chapter explicitly lays out a plan of action to rescue you from the Narcissist.
  • Validation
    Each chapter includes positive affirmations and validation of your experience to remind you that you are NOT the crazy one.
  • Healing & Empowerment
    Each chapter is designed to take you through the darkness of the pathology but closes leaving you healthy, empowered and conscious.
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